Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Displacement activity

Fireworks parties attended in RL: 0 (bad); Fireworks parties attended in SL : 1 (good); Unexpected encounters in bicycle and balloon section: 1 (good); No. of assignments not marked while doing all this: 3 (v. bad)

Tonight is Guy Fawkes, the night when brits celebrate said person not blowing up Houses of Parliament some considerable time ago. IN RL is damp and cold, so was probably good move to go to SL fireworks party instead. This was in the new Teeside Uni island, opening today.
Must say that fireworks were first rate. Didn't have some of the spookily impressive big wheels of one attended last year on Info Island, but v.v. pretty (see pics) and less scarey. Also had quick fly round island including exhibition which displays Bayeaux Tapestry round 3 walls of special hut - well done, and you could see the tapestry quite clearly.

Was multitasking again in that had got email from student at another Uni asking if could advertise survey on the Infolit Group. Said yes, but some to-ing and fro-ing in IM about ways it might be improved.

After bonfire went back to island to look at new building again (which realise haven't blogged properly yet). Tomorrow is inaugural event and am having it on a wooden terrace at the back, which juts into sea. Have already put out a couple of rubber rings, but suddenly remembered Swan Boat. Rezzed it, and then steered self gently round island. Had forgotton how pleasant it was. Decided that this joy should be shared and did search for swan boats in hope that would find one that others could use to punt gently round.

After some fruitless searching ended up going back to place where had bought balloon ride. They had indeed added some water rides (for you to programme round your sim) but nearest to swan was a gondola ride (with cuddles, not sure about that). Suddenly noticed that Graham was in Chat Range. He was looking for a greeter bot.
Had a good chat about students and what we'd been doing.

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