Wednesday, 12 November 2008

And the beat goes on

J-pop playlists added to profile: 1 (good); Winter wonderlands created: 1 (good); Tours of island given: 2 and a quarter (good); Friends seen in shower: 1 (unsettling)

Was browsing through other SL blogs in way one does when came across REALLY CUTE picture of winter houses in the Milcaholic site. Spent some time trying to work out whether there was a location amongst all the Japanese writing. In the end realised could simply click on the link to Flickr and lo! the SLURL was there. 1st pic shows Dimitrova, overcome by the cuteness, slumped over a giant rabbit.

So now am proud possessor of the Winter House in Green, which is copy and has two sizes (for only 298 Linden). In a mere ... two hours ... the Halloween platform was transformed into a winter paradise complete with snow angel animations, Christmas tree with snowflake emitter and crunchy snow (see 2nd pic, Xmas tree is just out of shot). Had everything except new house already in inventory, so shows am developing formidable seasonal repetoire.
Also on Milcaholic site was playlist with artists called Coltemonikha which had liked before, but album seems unavailable outside Japan. Realised now that could sign up to service and get own playlist. Excitement. Also have added number of works played by Fictionjunction Yuuka. So this blog now has j-pop playlist widget, probably to itrritate majority of readers, but there you go.

Am intending to offer winter village as home to any students who fancy them. May also become location on future island tours. On Monday was hosting formal exploration of island for UK Educators group. Was volunteered at the end of the previous UK Educator's visit (which was to the Open University islands).

Had spent considerable time writing notecard with landmarks (text is here). But evidently Infolit does not have the cachet of the OU, since a few minutes before due to start had only one taker who (understandably) disappeared when was not joined by any others. So easy to do in SL (disappear, I mean). Feared that was going to be a "Just Me and Mitsy the cat" situation.

However, in a few minutes had assembled reasonable number - Adra, Robin, Jackie and a few others including Kattan from Teeside University launch. Had good ramble round the island, and Jackie able to explain plans for Education. Ended up in the new common room, watching Robin taking a shower. Not sure of the ethics of this. But then, was my choice to buy a house with a shower and no shower curtain.

Other tours were for New Literacies students introduced by Jackie and also an impromtu semi-tour when, on Tuesday, the person from the Open University who was due to be giving the School of Education a personal tour of the OU did not emerge inworld.
In absence of this entertainment, was able to point out delights of new witch-broom tour of the island, the sushi bar that dispenses giant sushi and (obviously best of all) the powerpoints produced by students in the Inf104 class.

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