Saturday, 8 November 2008

Because I can...

Library talks attended: 1 (good); Grape harvest pressings attended: 1 (good): Fashion shows attended: 1 (good, laggy); retro objects bought: possibly a dozen (bad)

Generally give abiliy to dot in and out of meetings etc. as prime benefit of SL. However also means that am attending all sorts of events that would not otherwise, thus eating into time when could be sleeping, cooking, writing peer reviewed papers, conversing with RL friends etc. Over last couple of days:

1) went to talk given by Puglet Dancer, on issues to do with librarians - one interesting thing was that one of those attending had got a full time job as "Immersed librarian". Will have to get quote from her for my article for CILIP Update. Was on American Library Association sim which has some natty features (e.g. banned books exhibit) but is somewhat functional (as opposed to brimming with decorative yet useless objects). Flew across to nearby ASIST sim afterwards, which is even more basic. Suppose I cannot grasp how anyone can have 15,000 prims and 64,000 metres at their disposal and not want to landscape it and fill it with animated squirrels and amusing sofas.

2) Earlier in the day had attended fashion show given by SySy Designs. Took a table unobtrusively at one end. Had attempted to dress in something with a low Avatar Rendering Count. Seems to be considerable ire directed at people who turn up at shows, hunts etc with a high ARC, although as current thread on the SLED list indicates, actually ARC isn't the main lag-causer.

Anyway, it WAS a bit laggy, but seemed friendly event and I was motivated to drop into the SySy store and buy a couple of dresses afterwards. Have fashion blogged the more successful purchase here.

3) This evening had no intention of doing anything but finishing aforementioned fashion blog post and putting up some poppies (for remembrance day). However, Riven had dropped me an invite to a grape harvest celebration and once there was charmed by dancing, as well as by grape treading animation.

4) Previously had got into retro mood and had been hunting out records, psychadelic posters and the like. Was searching yesterday for a record player, without really finding anything, but today bumped into the very item when browsing round the new Hotel Dare area, and followed link to main location which turned out to be a shop/club in a build by Melino Style, one of my favourite designers (that is the top picture, me looking through the record collection, or, more precisely, me doing a "sorting through the records" animation ).

Hmmmmmm. Think I should get some sleep.

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