Friday, 29 September 2017

I have nearly 100,000 items

Items in inventory: 96,971 (bad)
Seem to write more unfinished draft entries than actual entries on this blog now, but was struck by sudden fear that lack of inactivity might lead to Blogger consigning Adventures of Yoshikawa to blog limbo, so here we are. SL is usual round of buying, decorating, kittycats, more buying, educational discussion, more buying.

In fact kittycat population has been static and there only about 4 of them that aren't permapets by now: doubtless Rosebud, Ninetails, Snowflake Morpho and Praline have inferiority complexes thinking: Why Not Me? Why aren't I permanent? Am I not cute? Of course they are all cute but the answer is that: Ninetails and Snowflake, you are slightly weird SL celebration cats with odd patterns; Praline, you are so tiny I keep tripping over you as you get lost in the carpet, do I really want to do that permanently? and Rosebud, you are pink, bright pink. However, despite these shortcomings have had all of them for at least a year, and Ninetails a lot longer, so permapettery is almost inevitable. Just look at Rosebud (above), she may be pink but she's adorable, just adorable, she even knows how to coordinate her toys with her fur.

Since Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable moved to a different sim last year, have become chief designer of the island/discussion space, which mean lots of trees, plants, cute gazebos etc. Here I am with the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable greenhouse which frankly has no function OTHER than being cute.

Meanwhile inventory bulges with unopened gacha and other items. Since have not yielded to temptation of mesh body, expenditure on clothes has gone down (since most of them don't fit me) but expenditure on everything else is bouyant, at least from the vendors' point of view.

Breaking news! Inventory just went down by over 1000 since realised I hadn't emptied trash for ages. Hurrah! Problem solved! If only all of life's problems could be deleted so easily.

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