Friday, 2 December 2016

I vlog therefore I am

Vlogs created: 3 (good, in parts)
Have discovered am natural vlogger, at least that is my view and as few other people are likely to even come across the vlogs am unlikely to be contradicted. First vlog came about as think had been using Camtasia to record lecture thingy and so it happened to be open when the first ever Deco(c)rate arrived with lots of yummy goodness (got to get into vlogger speak) in a virtual steamtrunk. Is addition to increasing numbers of schemes where you pay upfront to have a mystery box of stuff. You know who the designers are, but not the items. Up until Deco(c)rate (which is a pain to keep writing, what with those tricksy parentheses, so will just call it Dcrate), up until Dcrate had only gone for The Forest Event, which is variation on the theme, as when you pay the group fee, you can ramble round the v.v. cute sim (see below), snapping up the items, all for free, plus you know in advance what the things are.

The first box deal was Luxe Box, which have never even been tempted to buy, as most of the items are either (a) things would never wear because the are too skimpy and unattractive or (b) only for Mesh bodies (or often, a+b). I have stuck to what is now called the Classic Avatar body i.e. the body you are rezzed with. Given that most of my body is normally swathed in clothes, paying out a few thousand Linden and having to be clicking away at bits of alpha all the time seems not worth doing.
However, when everything is a home and d├ęcor item (as indicated by the name of the box, deco(c)rate) it seemed worth a look.  If you are interested in the Dcrate video it is here but am not embedding it as the resolution is too low. Had used normal resolution as for lecture videos, which seems fine for them, but for SL it is just not sharp enough (in fact am thinking - perhaps it isn't sharp enough for lectures either, hmmm).

Anyway, followed this up with 2 much shorter unboxing videos for !gO!'s advent calendar, which is rather better value than any of the crates or boxes, as you just pay 50Linden to join the gO group and then you can scoop up all the boxes, one at a time. The first dress alone was worth it, being a cosy long sweater dress of Nordic pattern, ideal for wearing whilst opening pressies on Xmas morning.

So! Here are the videos! Enjoy!!
Day 1!

And Day 2!

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