Sunday, 23 January 2011

Trying to keep up

Cute stuff viewed: lots (good); Cute stuff bought: some (good); Animotos created: 1 (good); Guilt factor in time wasted faffing round SL viewing and buying: high (bad)

So, no actual work done in SL since last blog, but reasonable amount of activity. Rediscovered cute furniture shop and bought sculpty giant leaf with ladybird and pose on it, also (elsewhere) 50 Linden Friday pink poolside chair (see pic) and 2 items featured in new Oh My Stars sim (see latest 52 colours post). And some trees and a coat and a pair of trousers and doubtless other things that I can't even remember now.
Think spent largest amount of time converting 2 screenr videos of dancing at the Arvel end-of-year party into an animoto and then posting it to Arvel ning. To date has had 4 views, but noone has rated it, which find disappointing. This desire for tangible approval from people that don't know is also rather worrying. Could have been worse i.e. people could have rated it a one-star vid, but on whole people only tend to rate things if they like them. Oh well. Anyway, here is the vid.

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