Monday, 5 January 2009

Babylon cubed

Moves to new B5 quarters: 1 (troublesome); Hours spent in SL in last week: 1 (bad)

Still not fully well in RL so am still limiting sorties into SL to short reacreational ones. Had to devote some time to Babylon5 matters, since B5 have moved sim for 3rd time - think latest move is because last B5 was in an open sim that used to be v good value and now isn't. Pic shows me approaching docking bay on way to new quarters. Haven't had time to explore new sim yet. Moves of SL B5 in time/space almost equal to those of Babylon 4 (see various episodes of B5).

B5 is sharing new sim with Wheel of Time role players, based on the the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Must confess I have read all books published. Therefore paid brief visit to this part of sim, but so brief that didn't take any pics. Seemed to be replica of the White Tower and possibly the camp across from it as in the last WoT book. Not sure why I have kept reading the 000s of pages of WoT as can be criticised from many perspectives, but there you are, must be true nerd at heart.

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Peter Miller said...

Happy New Year and good to have you back on the blog! Get well soon.

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