Monday, 26 January 2009

Back to SL

Events attended: 1 (good); New Friend made on Infolit iSchool: 1 (good); Total no. of new Friends made: 3 (good)

Am starting to take up my SL again, and today attended first Event, namely the SL Researchers meeting. This was billed as discussion, but turned out to be visit to Zatorah Shepherd's Multiple Intelligences creation on Koru (43, 219, 22). Had organised a visit to that, as part of Infolit discussion series, but was happy to go there again, as is v. interesting build & good to explore with others. Saw Bluewave , was offered friendship by a couple of people and spent considerable time doing yoga animations. Must take the Educational Informatics students there.

Afterwards tp-ed back to Infolit iSchool, and when saw someone else on island could not resist flying over and saying hi (see last picture). Was librarian from USA who had heard about Infolit at the ALA midwinter meeting in SL. Just as well I didn't know about THAT conference, since although want to resume SL professional life cannot afford to revert to former existence of doing Day Job and then spending hours and hours in SL attending meetings and buying clothes.

When say "afford" there is a literal aspect to this, since now have online connection at home (so avoiding staying v.v. late at office) using 3G mobile stick - but, gosh, SL certainly soaks up the megabytes, can see the pounds and pence ticking away. Still, all worth it when can view sparkly trees, multiple intelligences and super-real wave effects from the comfort of one's own armchair.

Actually, it isn't an armchair, but a rather rickety folding chair with a thin cushion on it, but am sure you see what I mean.

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