Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Xmas

Christmas greetings
Journeys outside house in RL in last month to visit hospital/nurse: 6 (bad); Other journeys outside house: 0 (v.v. bad); No. of vists to SL: 4 (sad); No of dresses bought in SL: 2 (good going, considering)

In RL am recovering from appendix operation but taking ages to heal and therefore still pootering about like lame duck. However last time nurse said wound was granulating, which appeared to be positive thing so soon may be hey-ho for non-medical perambulations (hurrah) and then hey ho for return to work (hmm).
Have had a few brief forrays into SL and in last ones purchased 2 Christmas dresses, a set of antlers and a flopsie shoulder rat plus grabbed a freebie Xmas stocking. Here I am in one of the dresses and clutching the stocking (from Schadenfreude, v. good value and when you or anyone touches it it gives v. jolly gifts, and it is colour change too).
So, a slightly belated Xmas to all, and a happy 2009.

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Hazel said...

Just glad that you're well enough to be sitting at computer and writing! Surgery is a pain (literally) but think where you'd be now if you hadn't had it done! When the after effects get bad I have to cling on to that because there are still times when the alternative seems almost preferable (but never quite enough to wish I hadn't had it done).

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