Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Final Folly

Sky settlements created: 1 (good) (well, I think so)
Things will be changing on Infolit iSchool as have to get used to no longer being Queen Bee of the island and start sharing it more. Have been mulling over Serious Post on Feelings about Island. In meantime had thrown together a little settlement in sky with various houses, hot tubs, flower meadows etc lying in inventory. Will delete it shortly but might recreate rather nice rock/flower/cabin combination that emerged - will have to put THAT pic in next post since am trying out Bloghud again. Main differences from simply blogging in separate browser: location links; no photoshopping pics; random people start commenting on your blog.
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Jackie Marsh said...

Oh you'll still be the Queen Bee, Sheila, it's just that you'll have a few more bees buzzing around the hive (I hope)! :)

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