Friday, 1 August 2008


Times locked out of office immediately before discussion session: 1 (v. bad); Discussions led despite this stupidity: 1 (good)

After playing about with Bloghud tool (see last 2 posts), went out to refill water bottle from Departmental cooler 15 mins before Infolit iSchool discussion on Blogging. Big mistake. Discovered quickly that had left keys inside office and was locked outside with nothing but a bottle of water, my reading glasses and a mobile phone.
Frittered away 5 mins running round other offices (it was 8pm UK time) seeking colleague (who might have necessary keys), and finding only research students (who don't). Fortunately a researcher with a high spec machine was willing to
a) download SL onto it and
b) go home and let me use his computer. It is good that there are such nice and helpful people in the world, and more specifically it was good that there was such a person in this Department at 8 pm at night.

Thus was able to log in at the dot of 8, grateful that had set everything up beforehand. At first it looked like only Robin was going to be there but in the end there were half a dozen people and we had (I think) a good discussion about blogging, which I will talk about more when I put up the chatlog. After it was over phoned offsite university security people who eventually came along and let me in to my office. Phew. Next time will tie keys on string round neck.

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