Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The season of goodwill

Advent gifts collected: 3 (good: well, 2 of them were good)

Advent in SL is a time of rushing round gathering baubles and clicking frantically on giant advent calendars and/or parcels. Could in fact spend whole day going round trying to collect advent freebies of varying quality (with pompoms, stars, candles, mugs of hot chocolate, silly hats and ill-fitting skater dresses featuring prominently). In rare burst of altruism am sharing 3 lists of advent gift events, namely

Am restricting self to usual favouries i.e. Sways and Kittycats as both have decent prizes. For Sways you have to wander round sim spotting baubles representing each day of advent and clicking them to add to a HUD. Then you go to the parcel pile in the middle of the shopping mall and click on the parcel corresponding to today's date. You don't get the gift unless you found the bauble with that date on it.

Swayland is a pretty sim, and happily spent, um, well suppose it was about an hour in the end, going round (see 1st pic) and eventually finding all but 4 of the baubles. Inevitably, one of the missing ones was 1st Dec so will have to buy that gift if I want it. With Sways you have to get the gift ON THE DAY or pay.

Kittycats' advent calendar (see 2nd pic) is more forgiving - you can turn up on any day and get any of the previous day's gifts. Also, all you have to do is TP in and click the date, so easy-peasy (though correspondingly, less fun). In past years some gifts were for you and some for your kittycat.

So far have got pair of candles (Sways) and sparkley nails (Kittycats: there was also hair+eyes, but the hair was the wrong colour i.e. not blue, so junked it)

Ah! This is what Christmas is all about: frantically collecting piles of gifts, and then throwing some of them away.

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