Monday, 16 April 2012


Sakura-related items bought: who's counting? (bad)
Sakura is japanese for cherry blossom, Hanami is about viewing the cherry blossom and March & April are the months when you haul all those cherry trees, cherry blossom petal generators, cherry blossom kimono, cherry blossom sweets, cherry blossom ground cover etc. etc. out of inventory. And despite the fact that you have more cherry blossom trees than there are prims in a sim March are April are also months when you launch yourself round the grid snapping up new cherry blossom delights.

The theme for the Virtual Worlds best practices in Education exhibition area was old-japanesey and Pancha did a v.v. good japanesey exhibition build so had excellent excuse to invest in complete new set of cherry trees from Forest Floor. Not only are they in 3 cute shapes, and can be resized, the foliage changes season on click and you get some artistic mossy rocks as well.
Have also acquired exquisite Cherry Blossom prim foods from Poche and Nonino, and after had finished swooning at beauty of cherry blossom viewing experience on the Sway's sim, recovered enough to buy a cherry blossom viewing couch, chair and screen.
Despite fact had already oodles of cherry blossom pictures, decided to go inworld and pose a few more.

Fatal. 1 hour later and do have some cherry blossom pics in bag. However, also got dropped freebies by Trompe L'oeil i.e. their new set of patio furniture. There is loads of it. Of course could not resist unpacking on spot and then fiddling with settings etc. to get a pic to blog on Home on the grid, another procrastination-pit. So show some bits in 2nd pic. Furniture is MESH so for some people will just look like a set of unsightly teal blots on the landscape. But, hey, it was ALL FREE.

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