Monday, 5 April 2010

More reasons for not trusting to other people's websites

Chatlogs lost: thirty-something (v.v. bad) Chatlogs recovered so far: 21 (good); Wallace and Gromit games played in RL: 1 (good)
Was alerted by comment on this blog (thank you!) that the links to the chatlogs were no longer working. These are the records of discussions etc. on Infolit iSchool. Chatlogs were uploaded using an app from someone at the Leeds Met university, which gave a more pleasing layout. However, appears that domain name ( is no longer in use, since all links now just show meaningless advertising.
This is v. v. depressing since had LOTS of chatlogs archived that way, starting in 2007, and although think have them all in text files, said files will be spread over 3 computers and possibly a couple of data sticks, and am not sure that the file names will be that meaningful either.
Will obviously contact Leeds to find out whether files are in fact safe somewhere on a Leeds server, but in meantime tried some search engine searching, to see whether could find cached versions. Google caches are too up-to-date, but managed to find 21 of the chatlogs via cached files on
Am hopeful of getting most if not all the chatlogs together, though the work does not end there, since will have to upload them somewhere else, change all the links on the wiki (if nowhere else) plus change the posters in the CILR on Infolit iSchool, which means making new posters for all of them (groan, see above me contemplating them all gloomily).
Have taken mind off all this in RL by playing amusing Wallace and Gromit computer game (from Telltale, currently £12 for 4 games, v. good value)

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