Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Home expo

Benches bought: 1 (good); Houses bought: 1 (good); Time spent watching objects rez: aeons (bad)
Have spent a little time at the Home & Garden Expo. Amongst purchases is a cute sofa from Greene Concept. Am seen in first pic sitting on one at the Expo (haven't actually unpacked my own yet).
Am still in new Eva skin, to give it a chance. Still think it is a bit too grey. With the Marguerite hair from Truth, that was wearing to start with, seemed to look much too SMUG all the time. However with this new hair from Simply Britnee possibly look too CUTE. And cuteness evidently leads to pole dancing (see previous post) which can only be a slippery slope.
Bought yet another house, well, it was only 500 Linden and has sash windows that open and close, a retractable ladder, and (the clincher) a teleport to the attic, disguised as a mouse hole. The vendor is Turnip. Will need to be for personal use, since navigating round it would be challenging for a noob, so can't really put it on the island.
Unfortunately must be said that spent less time looking at cute homes than I did watching oddly shaped lumps rez, trying to work out what they were going to be. The 2nd pic shows an example, and not the worst. Will it be a chair? A washbasin? A grandfather clock? An amusingly shaped vegetable? Who knows, and (after half an hour of slow-rez pain) does one care enough to wait and find out?


Unknown said...

Thank you for liking our furniture :-)

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

That's because it's good furniture ;-))

Unknown said...

Interesting that you think that skin too grey - I'd just been looking at your photos thinking what a lovely shade it was, so much better than the horribly pink and tan skins most people wear!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

I agree most of them are much to highly coloured. All the skins I wear are pale, so *comparatively* I think this one's great, but my favourite skin is Tuli's Elizabeth's pale tone, it has just a shade more colour. I also like the Schadenfreude skins.
I am not aiming for a "goth" or "drow" look most of the time, and it seems to be assumed that if you want a pale skin then you are into strongly coloured lips and eye shadow as well.

leather bean bag said...

Thank you for liking our furniture

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