Saturday, 15 August 2009

Watermelon Rocket story

No. of Slice of Summer watermelons collected: 113 (either v. good or v. bad); No. NOT collected: 3 (frustrating)
One of the reasons why have not been blogging so much is that have been chasing after watermelons on the Slice of Summer hunt, as mentioned in earlier post. Managed to get all but 3. Got stuck at Swim and after camming and flying round for what seemed like hours gave up and started again at a point a few melons on. Later on had broad enough hint that could have got it, but frankly not really interested in Swim prize so didn't bother, as had manged to snag the melon in the next location already so didn't need landmark.
Was stuck for ages at Little Britain, a VERY depressing place to get stuck and was rather mortified when realised that main problem was that hadn't realised there was a 2nd building, which is where melon was. Most annoying stuckness was at Sugar, which is pleasant place to linger, but didn't manage to crack puzzle by end of hunt and so that this prize, plus one after, form the 2nd and 3rd omissions.
Favourite prize was a watermelon rocket and this post is dedicated to showing its many glories. You get in, set the height at which you want the space station to rez ... and the pictures tell the rest of the story.


Unknown said...

Rika Watanabe has a nifty "Treasure Hunt Radar" for sale that assists primarily (but not exclusively) in finding those wretched 3% of treasures you have a hard time finding.

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Wow, that sounds useful! I do like trying by myself first, but I feel that hiders who hide things in places that are almost impossible to discover WITHOUT hints or radar are somehow cheating too. That's particularly if the hunt objects are tiny, or MOST particulary if the hunt objects are tinier in one place than you expect them to be.

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