Sunday, 9 February 2014

Your object 'Duck' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder

Sims reduced to earth, sky and sea: 1 (sad)

Received a series of messages from SL yesterday announcing that a variety of objects (stools, ferns, coffee makers, ducks, tabby kittens etc. etc.) had been returned to my Lost and Found by Art Fossett.

Knew that this could only mean that Eduserv island was no more. Went inworld today and found that there was nothing but sea and sky and, if went down a bit, featureless underwater land.
Presume that soon Eduserv sim will be only a Location Not Found. Hope that previous post on poor dead Mitsies didn't trigger this end of era experience.

So, Farewell Eduserv Island, you were loved once.

But, evidently, no more.


andypowe11 said...

Ah, apologies for lack of notice.

I finally got round to going in-world and deleting stuff. Eduserv Island hasn't been active for a long time and I've been meaning to clear things up for some time.

Sorry if I've destroyed anything in active use? I'm so out of touch, with both tech and people, that I didn't even remember how to notify people :-(

Art Fossett for the chop next!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

No worries, I didn't use the office there any more, it was more a sort of nostalgic historical monument.

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