Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hot tubs. Time. Change/ no change.

Blogs disappearing beyond recall: about 20 (v. bad)
Sudden panic has driven me back to Yoshikawa blogland. Have class where force students to create team blogs, and yesterday found that team blogs from 2011 had suddenly gone phut, they were ex-blogs. Blogger sounded v. calm when told me each time that there was no such blog, but was v. upsetting. Think it is because students created them using uni email accounts which since expired, so are not active bloggers. However, idea of Adventures going phut too awful for words. Decided needed to Keep Blog Active.

So, surprisingly, here are a few random thoughts of the day.
1) Hot tubs, changing yet changeless. Hot tubs were amongst early purchases in 2007, in fact venerable examples still inhabit inventory as throw v. little away. This hot tub is in some ways an advance (it has curves, water goes in and out, there are 6 poses in each corner, it is not very many prims). On the other hand, it still looks pretty much like a hot tub circa 2007 in essential i.e. has wooden bit on outside, watery bit on inside, a few folderolls like candles and think those are meant to be rose petals although they look more like mishapen saucers, you sit in it, end of story.

2) On the other hand, seems to have been great advances in gym equipment. Look, am evidently strongest avatar in universe since can lift heavy weights with one arm. This was in a shop the name of which escapes me (no change there, then) where I ended up carrying off a punch bag and some bongos. And possibly something else. Did I buy that fireguard? Think not. Was one of those shops with lots of things at 300 Linden plus, so when you come across something cute at 90 Linden you immediately snap it up. Punch bag has v. amusing set of animations and bongos have both sound and silent options whilst you play them, so can practice without annoying neighbours. Since bought them and then forgot had bought them do not yet have pics.

3)World's End Gardens continues photogenic. Saw in someone's blog that WEG is about to go phut, too. So thought should visit it a last time. Bought a clump of blue roses and did a lot of posing with some balloon animations that discovered in inventory. Arty or what.

4) Eyes and cats are go.
 Kittycats are still darlings of my SL, and the animations just get cuter and cuter (hold! follow! make random inane remarks!). However sometimes the kitties go a bit odd, with part of the body sitting up (for example) whilst the rest of the kittycat body stays put. Had particularly disconcerting moment when Marl's eyes stayed where they were whilst rest of head was lowered. This brings together two of my most popular tags i.e. eyes and cats.
Think this is possibly Art. Question is: who created it, me or the kittycat? Still, since Linden Lab now owns everything created by anybody in SL, is rather meaningless to ponder on this.

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