Friday, 29 October 2010

Where did it go?

Stuff done: lots (good/bad/indifferent)
In terms of blogging have to award self mark of C double minus. Is more than whole month since last blogged. As have noted before, when v.v. busy in SL, then blogging tends to slump. So as a quick catchup:
No. of new student sky homes created: 1 (good)
No. of new autumnal trees bought: 10? 12? (who knows)

No. of halloween houses created: 1 (good)

No. of sessions done with first year students in SL: 4 (good? only they can tell)

No. of 3D versions created of information behaviour models developed through empirical research using a grounded theory approach: 1 (v. good)

No. of times Opinionator repurposed for specific exercise: 2 (good)

No. of Infolit iSchool events: 3 (good)

No. of fashion blog postings: 4 (good)
No. of houseboats bought: 2 (floating)

No. of tops bought: who's counting? (not me)

No. of unwarranted and surprise price hikes by Linden Lab: 1 (v.v.v. bad)

& so forth & so on.
Last item is one which has cast pall of gloom over proceedings since announced a few weeks ago that educator's discount was being removed, thus doubling price of island. Consternation, anger etc. followed. was then announcement that people could buy up to 2 years in advance at old price (which am trying to do) but still is bit gloomy in long term. Apart from anything else seems like Community of educators, librarians etc. will get fragmented.
Reacted by attending meetings and buying a lot of clothes.
Also pumpkins. Creation of halloween stuffage seems to have escalated to insane proportions, can scarcely go inworld without being bombarded with message cards about cute new pumpkin lights/seats/decals. Was tempted today by 50% off on cauldrons from What Next, but in the end got free Wizard cosi from NRD and 1 Linden staff from Tekeli-li and then wasted, ahem, ahem, spent hour or so flouncing round Immersiva taking pics.
Choose first one as looked vaguely apocolyptic e.g. SL disintegrating because of ill advised customer relationship management on part of LL staffers.

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