Tuesday 22 April 2008

I am designated a "blue-haired babe" by the Guardian

No. of articles referring to self as "blue-haired babe" in major national newspaper: 1 (v.v, good); No. of paragraphs before any other person mentioned: 2 (good, though suppose is v. base to think this); No. of pictures of self featured in newspaper: 0 (missed opportunity)

Have been featured in supplement to the Guardian (leading UK newspaper). Not only mentioned but in fact comprise 1st sentence of supplement's lead article!!! Had talked to journalist over phone but wasn't sure what outcome would be. Only flaw is that are no pictures in newspaper to confirm babeness. Frankly would have been more pictureque than those of RL people, but readers are given web address of this blog so can judge babe level for themselves. Have included extra large pic above to enable this. Of course am not showing off in any way. Oh dear no.


Hazel said...

You? Show off? Never!

Pauline Randall said...

I knew I'd done something wrong in SL by sticking to blonde hair! Glad to come across another UK-based educational, SL procrastinator. Just putting together a seminar for a conference on Friday and wondering if I'll be preaching to the converted or the sceptics!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was so chuffed to read the article, thinking, 'I know that babe!! I've been in her garden!!' Well done honey!

Sorry I haven't been around muh! Brain is mush with pregnancy and haven't had much time online.


Sheila Yoshikawa said...

TY ;-))
and Citril - congratulations!!

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