Friday 3 March 2023

Digital archaeology; Kittycats are adorable

No. of unfinished blogposts: 67 (bad); no of kittycats 12: (v. good); no. of days before share SL insights with baffled, indulgent or indifferent colleagues: 5 (good/bad)

Had another go at retrieving unfinished blogpost drafts. Blogger says there are 67, earliest is from June 7 2007 (so just one month after rezzed) and the only text is
"In RL consider attending advertised event "Getting to grips with the Google generation: a hands on event" but fear that if lives up to title could be dismissed from post for Gross Moral Turpitude"
Golly wouldn't risk posting that now, though suppose I just have. More to the point, cannot imagine anyone would NAME an event like that now, unless they wanted a Twitter pile-on and a dismissal notice. 
Anyway, draft post decided to focus on was from 23 May 2017 and had headline "10 years; Kittycats are adorable". (actually, full disclosure, there was another phrase in the middle but have deleted it and now can't remember what it was). Full extent of draft post was:
[2017/05/04 13:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: yes you ARE adorable
[2017/05/04 13:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: oops sorry wrong window
[2017/05/04 13:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: lol
[2017/05/04 13:13] person1: lol
[2017/05/04 13:13] person2: awwww
[2017/05/04 13:13] Sheila Yoshikawa: and I was talking to a kittycat (hides face in shame)
[2017/05/04 13:13] person2: kittycats are adorable XD 

Any SL resident will immediately know what's going on here - you have various group windows open in chat, you have been lurking in some conversation in, say the Apple Fall group, about where to find a particular cute chair in their shop, then you notice how adorable one of your kittycats is, can't resist telling them, and there you go, wrong-window situation. Fortunately in this example (as is usually the case) other residents kind and forgiving, and am just grateful wasn't venting or sharing secret/embarrassing info. First pic is obligatory one of adorable kittycats, it was difficult to choose, they are all so cute, this is Beltane (asleep) and Rosebud in one of the cat cafes.

10 years part of draft blog post was celebrating 10 years since first rezzed on 3 May 2007. Can't remember doing much to commemorate it, so perhaps that why post never got posted. Looking back at chatlog, day appeared to start with

[2017/05/03 10:42]  Second Life: Unable to load gesture [KUE!] /pixie.

a lack am sure was able to bear this with equanimity, though may be a sweet gesture. Then appear to have attended talk from Kali about her research, can't tell for certain where, as evidently tped straight there, but later chat said "You have added "Ethnographia Island - Parcel 13" to your Landmarks folder", which may be a clue. Appears went entire 3 May in SL without rezday greeting, bit saddo, however next day was VWER and must have celebrated it then as announce at the start that am wearing original avatar to celebrate 10 years and topic was "Milestones, Epiphanies and Turning Points in virtual worlds". 
[pause of approx. 30 mins...] 

Have just tried to find whereabouts of May 2017 photos and failed dismally - have ones up to March 2017 and then from 2018 onwards: think 2017 was when got new computer? or something dire happened to computer? Anyway, SL stuff dotted around in various places. Finally resorted to Flickr and hurrah had uploaded pics from that VWER session so there they are (a) me as I rezzed in 2007 (gaaahhhh) and also (b) some of the others. 

In (b) the orange item on the table was some kind of Australian Uni mascot that I trailed round in 2007, for no particular reason, except suppose attached creatures were still a novelty for me at that point. 

Since the 2007-me is so ... 2007 ... have to finish with me looking much more me after hoovering up stuff at The Arcade yesterday. Even got some arty shadows in the pic, so, life moves on.

Friday 3 February 2023

Waiting; Tolerating; Curating

Years since last blog post: 1 (bad); Exquisite outfits bought since last post: innumerable (good); New rentals since last post: none (good).

Had "can't remember when last blogged, hope not so long ago blog disappears" moment. Turns out was a year ago and evidently at that point had grand plans to post detailed account of moving in to Ahiru. Well, moved in and have moving-in pics somewhere but probably on other computer so moving on. 

Was on VWEC duty today which involves standing or sitting about on the VWEC welcome platform (see pics 1 and 2), and then if anyone appears offering to help induct them into the wonderful educator's paradise that is Second Life. Have chosen slot at 9am Friday my time, which is 1am SL time, and after ??? months of duty only meaningful interaction has been with European educator I already know, who happened to have a holiday and so was mooching around in SL, as you do.

 Nearest apart from that was someone who rezzed and stood motionless for half an hour or so not responding to helpful chat and IM, turns out they were waiting for someone, so had to mean they already had communication and wayfinding skills but hadn't learned how to turn on BUSY so they could block out irritating IMs from busybodies "trying to help".

Will see that in 1st pic am wearing cute Chinese outfit, which spotted on Spectacledchic's Flickr feed and snapped up as soon as Kustom9 opened. Oodles of colour options for different bits, but ended up with blue, because, blue is best, and then homed in on these great boots when finally got into Fameshed. Fameshed was delayed by about a day as SL was having a Moment, or rather a moment lasting several hours whilst its servers fell over and they had to Roll Back to Previous Version a couple of times which meant the work people had done in setting up their booths had disappeared. 

Wasn't all the servers, and in fact the point at which realised that it wasn't just me not able to get to the sims I wanted was when saw chat on the Fameshed group inworld with people complaining they'd been waiting 3 hours for event to open and Fameshed people explaining the situation. As sidenote, is annoying when the place you want to loginto is vapour, and it sends you to one of the ghastly Welcome Hubs instead. With  mesh bodies, you just get used to lots of people initially rezzing naked before all the clothing bits cludge together. However if you happen to have been rezzed at an adult Hub, the point comes where you realise I AM IN FACT SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WITH NO OR SCANTY CLOTHES THERE IS NO MORE TO REZ think they are aiming at the target market of those who have read media slurs about SL being all about sex. 

Hope don't have this happen when am doing demo for colleagues about SL, as would feed into stereotype, though of course last paragraph demonstrates that stereotype has some foundation. Am putting together lovingly curated link of annotated links about life in SL for this demo, though is possible that only person who'll read them all is me. Always have to remember although think SL and all its paratexts are entrancing, awesome, rich, creative etc. etc. etc. for some it is dull / weird/ childish etc etc.  

One of things am entranced by is self so here to finish is a pic of me in the Ahiru home, worshipping my otaku-themed PC, snug in the kotatsu. So much cuteness! I could look at it for hours.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Extravagence; Beauty

No. of days since last blog post: lots (bad); No. of rented homes disposed of 1: (good) No. of rented homes added: 2 (bad) 

Am celebrating moving into yet another rented home by doing blog post. Have left home described in last post chiefly because the owner closed the sim down, so not exactly choice. Then started renting ANOTHER parcel in Rosehaven, which is furnished with v.v. cute Victorian tropical house and assorted bits of landscaping. 

Have also been visiting Village of Ahiru for about 2 yrs. Quite early on one of larger rented houses came up for rent but thought was too much of extravagence, however, whole of SL existence is extravagence so since then have been visiting Ahiru rental booth regularly. This involves standing round til all the little fans under each house photo rez and you can see what colour they are, i.e. are they occupied, overdue, reserved or AVAILABLE (see pic). Over these 2 yrs have wasted what must add up to at least couple of hours doing this, and finally a GREEN fan came up under possibly most desirable of the lot i.e. Ahiru residence. 

Must mention that Ahiru's information card advises contacting owner to go on waiting list, but decided that as was uneccessary luxury should just leave it to fate and think this was defo best policy since not only now have house of dreams but also feel that long wait somehow justifies the outlay of $Lxxxx per week. This window of opportunity unfortunately coincided with peak marking period so tried heroically to ration time spent on moving in. 

Usually when get into interior design flow forget to take pics, but since has been spread over more than a week have done bit more so will do couple of posts showing how beauty emerges from chaos. 

2nd pic shows day 1 when had only rezzed a POST cupboard that later decided didn't fit and a load of packing boxes to indicate that am sophisticated SL veteran who has cardboard moving boxes from 3 different creators.

Sunday 15 November 2020

New home; an artist's life

 No. of homes: at least 3, plus whole island (bad); 50 prim challenges taken: 1 (good)

Was prompted by post by Chic Aeon to do challenge to furnish home with just 50 LI (or prims, in old money). Chic had started with furnishing cute home in new fantasy sim Seaclaid, and seemed that was v. cheap to rent there, so did not hesitate to TP in, view available homes and snap up flat above Irish pub. Only 100 Linden per week and of course am in dire need of home since only have:

  • Cottage in Rosehaven
  • Half a sim in Noyo
  • Whole island (Infolit iSchool)

and that is without Dimitrova's parcel in wherever it is, and houseboat in Bellisaria, which obvs don't count as she is alt.

Anyway Seaclaid is v. cute and flat has great position with views of harbour and town square. Was going to furnish it in 60s peace/love/hippy style, but then was dropped notecard by sim owner that reminded me sim was high fantasy. Suppose it shows that one person's high fantasy is someone else's normal, since it hadn't struck me the sim looked PARTICULARLY fantasy, at least not more than any SL sim. For me was bit like various places I've been in physical world, so suppose is result of me seeing quaint and weird RL stuff as same old same old. In fact pub which I live over struck me as being archetypal pseudo Irish pub circa mid 20th century, as seen in most capitals of Europe, but anyway is nice space and have furnished it as Artist's hangout.

Can see am going to have great time churning out Views of Seaclaid and selling to gullible tourists. Found EXACTLY THE RIGHT TABLE to sit at while staring out the window and  thinking of things to do instead of getting down to writing. Is lucky chance that managed to drag it out of inventory since it was called My vintage art studio / Gacha {1} and think I found it when was actually looking for more things to put in artists loft. 

This is me looking moodily out of window wondering if poor light (dusk + insufficient prims to have more than one candle) lets me off doing any more on that literature review have been working on for over a year. I think the answer must be yes.

Thursday 22 October 2020

Draxtor Despres is offering friendship; blog apps regress; pumpkin time

Friendship offers: several (good); Friendship offers from Draxtor Dupres: 1 (like, totes amazeballs); pumpkins pulled from inventory: infinite (bad); Blog app "upgrades": 2 (apalling)

Appears to be time for 6-monthly blog post, so here it is. Was startled this morning by friendship offer from Draxtor Dupres, who is a notable slebrity. Think this is because of attending the Digital... digital ... digital something sessions inconveniently scheduled at 10am SL time on Thursdays and convened by Tom Bukowski. Are inconvenient since 12 noon is of course VWER time, and need to have physical food break too. However, digital thingy sessions give oppportunity to utter self-obsessed statements about SL, universe and everything, so go when can (though searching through chat, first utterance at one of these events appears to have been @Eliza think I agree with that so also indulge in sycophantic yea-saying). 

In first pic I'm in digital thingy event looking v. cool with the shaggy hair and poncho vibe and there's Draxtor (in mustard coloured trousers), you can tell already that we're going to be great chums.

One change that has happened since last blogged is enforced changes to Blogger editing layout. This was advertised as " an improved web experience for Blogger" and perhaps is for some, but can only think of ways in which it has got worse e.g. 

- in HTML blogging mode, no longer puts in breaks if you do them in that mode, it all just scrunches up.
- takes two clicks to create new post when click on the "New post" in top bar
- Resizing pics after you inserted them is more fiddly 

But could be worse, what Wordpress have done to their editing interface is unfathomable. Have decided that without me realising Wordpress have stopped being somewhere that ordinary mortals/avatars can blog and turned into - ? possibly a suit of website apps. Only know that couldn't understand most of their "help" blog posts for last couple of months. 

Meanwhile things jog along in roughly same groove in SL. Am having to be at VWER every week and still getting more people coming along than pre-COVID. Am preparing for Global Media and Information Literacy week in SL (suppose should have blogging about that instead, oh well). Because of this am neglecting Halloween though managed to get a couple of Halloween-compliant costumes (see pic 2). Have resisted buying pumpkins so far because have so so many.

Or is this wrong. Broke off to see what had in Inventory when searched on "Pumpkin". 

This is just part of the result (above) and that's without the giant pumpkin trees that swallow you, the multipart Sway's pumpkin carving set, numerous small pumpkins that got lost in the grass, pumpkin lanterns and pumpkin-related food. 

Though realise that have dearth of green pumpkins, pale blue pumpkins and pumpkins in shape of animals other than cats. So permission to purchase more pumpkins granted!

Saturday 23 May 2020

I find an old half finished post about Twitter vs SL, and finish it

Blog posts completed after mere 5 year delay: 1 (good)
Had decided to post here for first time in mumble-mumble months, when noticed had 66 draft posts. As had thought, most of them consisted of few enigmatic words or a couple of random pics., but this seemed almost complete, so have decided to post it. Unfortunately forgot to note down when actually drafted it*: think was 2015, though that seems a bit late for 1st Tweet chat. Anyway here it is:

------------roll back time to 2015-------------
For first time participated in Twitter-only discussion this week. Could not help but compare with SL equivalent so decided to be Reflective Practitioner and blog about it. Was then question of which of my x zillion blogs I should burden with these pearls of wisdom. Thought people would be least likely to read it if I put it here, and hey haven’t blogged here recently**, so here we go.

Discussion was about info literacy, so is pretty easy to compare with some Infolit iSchool discussions. Must start by saying that am not that keen on Twitter. Have blogged about that HERE. Blog I blogged THAT on is more Serious Blog (though with risibly low page hits, but whatever) so omitted to mention key drawback which is that on Twitter no one can see whether you have a kitten on your head. Or your shoulder. Or new spiffy cowboy boots with pink ribbons. In fact you could be a dragon or a dancing cabbage and people still wouldn’t know. Whereas in SL it is all out there for people to see and make merry banter about.

Tried to reign in refs to SL in above blog post, because we all know that people think that people who like SL are, like, weird**, but was thinking how on SL do have fun. In fact in week before wrote Twitter-is-no-fun post had amusing post-meeting banter in SL with Kali and Pancha which started with fact that Pancha was wearing steampunk librarian outfit (lower half replaced by gears). Led to reminicences about when Kali rezzed with no top on and I took pics and then had to promise not to post them to Flickr. Lord how we chortled. You had to be there.

Anyway: Similarities between a discussion on infolit on Twitter and in SL:
1. Can be at your desk/ in bed/ in the pub i.e. anywhere where you have a device and an internet connection:
2. During discussion can nip out to make coffee, take a phone call, have a comfort break etc. etc.
3. You get an automatic transcript
4. Discussion overlaps and is disjointed
5. Technical problems
6. People use [inserted May 2020 use what??? language? a computer? I suppose people will have been using SOMETHING, let's leave it at that]
7. You find out some interesting stuff and talk to new people
1. On Twitter you get to talk to people who use Twitter, on SL to people who use SL.
2. Beginning and end of session are not so clear on Twitter, though of course could have been Twitter session I was in.
------------roll forward to 2020---------

At this point typing had ceased. Presume was through lack of time, but perhaps was so overwhelmed with differences that had to go and lie down.

Anyway, can add some more differences, so, to continue
3. In SL shared digital space is more distinctive, and more likely to be brought into conversation
4. Also in SL can move location
5. Can use Twitter on all sorts of devices, and even when your device and signal are rubbish. Not so with SL
6. In SL can be present and not saying anything, but people still know you are there.
7. In SL people more likely to apologise for arriving late, or for dropping in late and then disappearing. In Twitter get more people divebombing in and out (or perhaps they've been there all the time not saying anything, one can't tell, see (6)
8. On SL saying goodbye and thanking people takes 3 times as long as on Twitter. This is an estimate. If anyone wants to give me money to test this hypothesis, yes please.
9. More likely to get an idea of what was said on Twitter afterwards, as will be able to search on hashtag even if no-one has archived chat. In SL depends on someone sharing chatlog
10. Are more likely to get pics of the SL discussion posted than Twitter discussion, in that - why would you even take a pic of a Twitter discussion?
11. In SL more likely to comment on people's appearance and people more likely to change appearance during session.
12. SL is more fun. It just is.

Hmm, not sure that is unbiased assessment, but this is a reflection, not some nonsensical attempt at objective evaluation. Have illustrated this with pics of some of my devices in SL plus me in a kimono with a small donkey companion, because, why not

*As soon as had looked at it Blogger helpfully updated date to today's. 
** No change there, then

Monday 26 August 2019

Lucky chairs; Nostalgia; Dancing

Free items acquired: 11 (good, on the whole); Time spent dancing in Rare dress: 30 mins (plucky); Av. no. mins spent waiting at lucky chairs etc., per free item, (i.e. total time waiting divided by no. of items): 9 (bad).
See that in last blog post became nostalgic after getting stuck in wall, this time am nostalgic after spending a good 60-90 minutes waiting for lucky chairs to come up with letter "S". Was chasing four poster bed in ChiaMia when saw not only lucky chairs but also Midnight Madness.
Midnight Madness is where if enough people slap the poster, you get whatever gaudy item is on offer, often without having to wait for midnight. Or, from previous experience, you slap the poster and nothing arrives as either item is unattractive, even if free, so not enough people slap, or place offering midnight madness is almost totally deserted and ditto. However in this case, items were OK bordering desirable, and lots of people were bumbling through in search of the four-poster (which was on discount for the Saturday Sale, or possibly the Weekend Extravaganza or some other desperate event aimed to part innocent avatars from their Lindens).

Can be seen in 1st pic waiting patiently for lucky chairs. These chairs had several virtues (1) Not set to group only (2) Only 10 mins before change letter (3)There are 3 of them (4) Reasonable proportion of items were worth having. Ended up with metallic photo frames and 60s vintage stockings which (unusually) included version for classic avatars, so a win. To be honest, more desirable items could have been mine had name begun with B, N, M etc. etc. At one point tried to boot up Firestorm and bring in Dimitrova to claim item that required a D, but unfortunately this crashed computer as was not only already in SL with official browser but also streaming live horse racing in Firefox. Was all a bit too much for the poor Viglan & its graphic card on a hot day. Again certain amount of nostalgia, as in early days of using SL computer would crash ALL THE TIME, but not something to be repeated too often, esp. as am not the world's best Backer Up of Files (in fact doubt whether am even best Backer Up of Files in my corridor).

Waiting for lucky chairs reminded me of great sport of hanging around in B@rerose until you randomly get dropped some strange item "Just for being here". Anyway, TP-ed over and in less that 20 mins had not only been dropped Gear Gloves but also Super Rare Card Dress. Inspired to have grand unpacking, so also scooped up new freeby group gifts from Fancy Decor (cake + patterned boxes) and from someone who does fractal art. Was going to be lazy and leave it without saying who artist was, but hey I took her free art, so at least should look up name [brief pause to dip into SL. Well, SHOULD have been brief, but was obliged to do SL update, sigh, which apparently now allows baked on somethings for the Mesh body and head I don't have. Sigh.] OK, art is by Milly Sharple and the pics are called Navajo, Roses and Lily, think is pretty obvious which are the last 2.
Also decided should wear dress, although not really my kind of thing, since is Super Rare so felt obligation. 2nd pic show me wearing both gloves and dress. Am still not sure what kind of Cards are involved in Card Dress, but it sparkles a bit and is evidently celebratory in some way. 3rd pic shows me wearing Super Rare dress accessorised with G Field boots and old pair of tights in suitably garish colours, also can see bed, a sample metallic photo Frame, 3 free fractal pics, cake and Patterned Boxes, plus geeky book cupboard, and a coffee table from a gacha (was hoping to get the rare house; still a gacha fool after all this time).
Not in pic are Sakura Curtains, 60s Vintage Crew Socks, Gold Minimal Candles and Shit Wall Art. In case of first 3 is because they were successful Midnight Madnesses, whose delivery had been attempted whilst offline/crashed and I hadn't yet worked out how to get them redelivered [answer=go to redelivery terminal, duh]. In final case can't remember whether this omission was because hadn't yet gone for 2nd bout of Lucky Chair stalking or because wall art is exactly what it says it is i.e. item with word s h i t on it, call me old fashioned, but don't think would be adornment for any self-respecting cat cafe.

Such was commitment to Rare Dress that even kept it on when TPed to the opening party for exhibition of Michiel Bechir and Tresore Prada's art (see pic 4) where was much dancing.
However, not sure is right thing for thursday's virtual Worlds Education Roundtable, where will be exploring Multiple Intelligences and need to look a bit less Rare.
In final pic am contemplating SL rezzed wardrobe and thanking my Lindens that actual SL wardrobe in inventory is not so small and drab.

Friday 3 May 2019

Rez Day; Stuck; Scammed; Fairytale

Rezdays celebrated: 12 (v. good); Items bought today (so far): 2 (good); Time spent googling for name of maker of fairy godmother gown because was too lazy to go inworld and just check the designer: 10 (bad).

Today is 12th rezday. So far no-one has said Happy Rezday, which is bit sad, on other hand nowadays on physical world birthday only get handful of cards and have to rely for bulk of greetings on Facebook from people saying Happy Birthday because their mobile device has told them to.

Here is birthday portrait. Unlike UK royal family where trend is to take pic of royal child in ordinary clothes doing dull everyday things, have gone for Fairy Godmother in cherry blossom forest look. Why look ordinary when can be a fairy godmother?  In fact look came together when (a) decided to wear wings, since theme of last night's VWER discussion was "fantasy in education" (b) saw Beth arrived dressed as fairy and so googled "fairy" in inventory and came up with this dress which actually may have not worn since bought it in Feb/March 2018 (but wait - it was out of its box - must have at least tried it on). (c) Today snapped up umbrella with attached goldfish which was Fly By Friday offer. Et voila, I shall go to the ball.

Only downside to day has been splurging 500 Linden on a gacha item (Serenity Style- Vintage Box Car - GARDENER ULTRARARE) on Marketplace yesterday and finding today that all that was in the delivered box was a texture of the gacha key. However, this has only happened twice ever. Is surprising it doesn't happen more often, really. Should have been alerted by fact that (1) was no picture given on the posting (2) were only 2 items from gachas on sale from that vendor. You see I CHECKED but did not REFLECT. However will LEARN from this mistake. Or perhaps not.

Earlier whilst checking out Fifty Linden Friday items got stuck in a wall (see pic, inside the shower). How nostalgic that feels, haven't got stuck in a wall since last year at least, it used to happen all the time in younger days. Suppose that is what being SL 12 means, feeling nostalgia for times when you felt embarrassed and didn't know how to escape. At reflect on transformational skills ie point where realised how could stop being trapped in walls, under tables etc.

Traditional rez day pastime appears to be hauling out pics of self on previous rez days and noting how much better one looks now without those flexi skirts/ system bodies/ ugly feet/ mad hair. Still have system body, but can certainly have smug reflection on how much better hair, feet and dresses look. On other hand: me at age 1 (see pic and - cute or what? Certainly fare better than comparing physical world me now and 11 years ago.

Will now go and get physical world lunch and try not to get stuck in a wall.

Wednesday 28 November 2018

Oh Tannenbaum; Winter planning

Xmas trees bought; zero, so far (good); Items in "November 2018" folder: 180 approx. (bad)

Possibly favourite event of year is Tannenbaum, not so much because of items on offer, but because atmosphere in Tannenbaum event is super-calming yet rich with Xmas promise (i.e. presents, food, real Xmas trees, soulful walks through the woods, more presents, more food). Whoever landscaped it and set the sim windlight deserves prize as would swear that can actually feel the crisp air and smell the midwinter forest. Not that in physical world actually go for that many Xmas walks in woods, but IDEA of walking in winter woods is always attractive.

So first pic shows me pretending to buy Xmas tree at Tannenbaum. In centre of gacha area is cute collection of Botanical Xmas trees, with vendors. Bought one of these trees several years ago, so no need to repeat, but found ancient and v. primmy tree by AM Radio in inventory, which has integral carrying pose, so there I am. Spent some time on this photo, to hide other customers, who were mostly not Winter-appropriately dressed (mini skirts! crop tops! with snow on the ground!) and thus would spoil mood of picture.

2nd picture shows Tannenbaum vendor booths with me deciding not to buy something. However, despite certain amount of restraint have still managed to amass wealth of new items as evidenced by fullness of "November 2018" folder. In fact, memory of visiting Tannenbaum event was of buying practically nothing, but now see indulged in 22 items, including bear ornament, kitten stocking, "winter scene", hanging icicles, paper snowflakes, and rustic fireplace. Had better get going on decorating asap or won't have time to put all this stuff to good use. As is evidenced by examination of "November 2017" folder where rediscover cute items such as "Joyeaux Noel 2017" Tea & Macaron Service Set and seasonal cupcakes which am pretty sure never even got unpacked.

On professional front, had been congratulating self on having booked sessions for virtual worlds discussion forum well in advance, only to find events falling through. Think there is a lesson to be learnt here: EITHER that if make arrangement with someone need to check up on it more than one week before actual event to avoid misunderstanding OR it is not worth bothering arranging things well in advance.

Second lesson seems to be one involving least effort so think will adopt that one.

Monday 11 June 2018

Panic; Purchasing; Ill met by moonlight

No. of blog posts since November 2017: zero (bad); No. of items seen in own photo which remind me that I bought cute object: 1 (today, so far: bad)

A few times a year have sudden panic when think WHAT IF YOSHIKAWA BLOG HAS BEEN DELETED FROM BLOGGER. Know that deletion is a thing, since various student blogs have evaporated when student authors are no longer members of the uni, so are ex blog people, and has been no activity on blog for a while. Deletion of this blog would not mean end of the universe (you will be happy to learn) but still would be loss for me, esp. since still have ambitions to do grand autoethnographic research on SL experience (ok have been saying this for about 5 years but is slightly more solid plan now.)

Anyway as may be evident today was one of those days when thought - had better do a blog post - and what better to blog about than lack of blogging?

However (to string this post out beyond 2 paragraphs) can also note that consumerism continues unabated, as is witnessed by fact then when (this morning) was processing a bunch of photos from just 10 days ago came across picture (shown above) and thought OMG I think I bought that and I completely forgot about it. Thing in question is supercute tic tac toe table in form of mushrooms, which actually works as tic tac toe game. Well, think it does, but as had forgotten it existed and haven't unpacked, not 100% certain at the moment.BTW forgetting have bought something not exactly a novel event (that's what happens when you have 100,000 items in inventory).

Musing on this, or more specifically uploading first pic and searching for it in my SL photo folder using word "buy" led to discovering other photos with "buy" tagline. For example, only a few days ago I snapped this kitchen and saved it with title "Shall I buy this". Currently answer is "Well, I haven't yet" but think it is only matter of time. Admittedly, have numerous sinks, fridges etc., but this one is super compact and very nicely textured. Also, those little under-table baskets! And that wooden frame to the cooker is really rather sophisticated! And the fridge is a neat shape, not huge and space-consuming! etc etc etc

The next exhibit is entitled "Fantasy Faire deciding to buy Luna" (date - 27 April 2017). So evidently I bought something called Luna. First question is, what is it I bought? A piece of statuary? Some curtains? Something rather odd with black wings? Had to immediately go inworld and search LUNA in inventory. Turns out have Luna dress, Luna leggings, Luna moth light (copiable), a painting "Luna" and so forth but eventually located LOVE- Mad queens _ Luna which sounded vaguely right so unpacked it and voila here is me in wood wearing Luna headpiece. It is animated, so moon bit in the middle sort of swooshes round. Not sure when will wear it, possibly when going moonlight haunting.

This could be fun new game. (a) Select random word (b) search word in inventory (c) wear whatever is found. If pursue this will report on how many days it takes to NOT find something matching the random word. Will be v. productive use of time, and isn't as though engage in any other procrastinatory activities, oh no, not at all.

BTW creature with me in pic is tie-dyed Cheshire cat. Obvs.

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